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100% of all donations reach Haiti. Mercy & Sharing's Board of Directors contribute in excess of 100% of all U.S. admin costs.

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You're invited to our 2nd Annual Haitian Celebration, an event benefiting the care and support for orphans in Haiti.  Gala Website

100% Haiti

Mercy & Sharing employs hundreds of local Haitian men and women, and believes their orphans are the future of Haiti.



20 years and counting and still ever true to our mission of mercy in Haiti. Mercy & Sharing, a registered 501c3 non-profit, started in 1994 and we are on a mission of mercy to educate the forgotten, feed the hungry, house the neglected, show mercy and dignity to the abused, and empower a new generation to hope and sustainability.

Please join us.

Angels of a Lower Flight

Angels of a Lower Flight

The inspiring story of how one woman's message of hope and opportunity will change the lives of an entire generation.

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Demons of Poverty

Demons of Poverty

Ted Boers, successful American entrepreneur, has devoted himself to improving the conditions of the poor in Haiti.

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Little Buddies

In The News

  • Poverty, “Orphans,” and Parents

    Susan P. Whit  |  December 6, 2012. Yesterday’s New York Times features an article, “Trying to Close Orphanages Where Many Aren’t Orphans at All,” about the plight of impoverished children in Haiti and the government’s intention to reduce the use of orphanages. To most Americans, the term “orphan” means a child with no parents, however that’s not the way the term is used in the world of international relief. A […]

  • Killers of Harvard Worker in Haiti may be Targeting Americans

    By Oliver Ortega  |  Globe Correspondent  |  August 02, 2014. A Harvard University health worker slain in Haiti last week shortly after landing at the capital city’s airport may have been the latest victim in a string of violent robberies targeting American travelers, authorities said. Haitian leaders announced Friday that a coterie of police and government agencies, under the direction of the island nation’s prime minister, would work to tighten security […]

  • Mosquito Chikungunya Virus Hits Haiti Hard…

    …and the Mercy & Sharing family is there. The photo (above) is a bit odd for Mercy & Sharing. Not the bubbly children theme we like to update and share with you but this is very appropriate as it is protecting our children. It is a photo of mosquito nets purchased to protect the orphanage from a mosquito epidemic in Haiti right now. The epidemic is called CHIKUNGUNYA. The staff at […]

  • Feeding Programs Sponsored by The Vibrant Village Foundation and M&S

    Following is an article about the plight of hunger in Haiti. Having been in the area for 20 years and starting our presence there with a feeding program, we understand the importance of helping the community around us as well as maintaining schools and our orphanage. With the help of The Vibrant Village Foundation we are combating hunger in the Paulette and Phaeton areas of Haiti by providing an average […]

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